EcoPrint2 Pro
The only eco-friendly product that lets you save on ink and paper by giving you the power to arrange document pages and choose how much ink to use--all at an economical price.
Get high-quality, hassle-free printing while saving up to 75% on your ink usage. Just set the marker to your desired ink/toner saving ratio and let EcoPrint2 do the rest.
Go-Green is the need of the day. At EcoPrint, we’re doing our part to make the EARTH a better place to live. We offer eco-friendly products that let you save paper, ink and toner, controlling your home or office expenses and curbing unnecessary waste. Our products are for your wallet and the environment.

EcoPrint2 Pro (Ink and Paper Saver) and EcoPrint2 (Ink and Toner Saver) were designed with the needs of the user and the environment in mind. With our products, you can save money on ink, paper and toner without compromising the overall print quality. EcoPrint2 Pro and EcoPrint2 are highly compatible and can be used with all operating systems and printers